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People keep asking how to use a Heat Press Machine Mormor Happiness Is Being A Mormor shirt . Some even ask what it is. A Heat Press Machine or Heat Transfer Printing is the modern, no-fuss way of printing artwork onto t-shirts. It is a great alternative to the classic screen printing. Of course, when it comes to quality and longevity, screen printing still wins the game. But for the regular customers’ point of view, they can’t tell the difference between a screen printed tee and a heat pressed tee.

Mormor Happiness Is Being A Mormor shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Mormor Happiness Is Being A Mormor Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Mormor Happiness Is Being A Mormor Hoodie
Mormor Happiness Is Being A Mormor Long Sleeve
Long Sleeve
Mormor Happiness Is Being A Mormor Sweatshirt
Mormor Happiness Is Being A Mormor Unisex

This is a good thing for t-shirt entrepreneurs because not only is heat press printing easy and affordable to do, it also makes custom t-shirt printing possible Mormor Happiness Is Being A Mormor shirt . With screen printing, the customers have to order in large quantities or else it would be too expensive per piece, but with heat press machine, it’s still affordable even if they order one or one thousand. No wonder heat press is a favorite of many t-shirt entrepreneurs. If you just bought your heat press machine, here is a basic guide on how to use the machine. As we all know, not all heat press machines are created equal. There are those machines that are just functional (very basic) which is good for small jobs and home use. They’re much more affordable and could be perfect if you’re just starting out and you prefer to save a few hundred bucks. The professional heat press machines are geared for making bulk orders. They have a much bigger platen (metal board) for a bigger working area to cater large garments. The professional heat press is also complete with more sophisticated time, temperature, and pressure settings. This is perfect for t-shirt entrepreneurs who are planning to offer orders by the hundreds in the future. But whether you’re using the basic or the pro, heat press machines are basically operated the same way. For starters, here’s a brief step-by-step guide on how to operate heat press machines.
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